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As part of the Jubilee celebrations we created a series of elements for this stand for Reckit Benckiser.

The theme of the stand was to create a medieval zone which could play host to the various brands which sit under the Reckit Benckiser umbrella.

We created giant crowns for a Dettol ball game, dishwashers & water pistol bows for Finish, “walls with holes” for Nurofen, a castle ball pit for Airwick and turret arena and Royal Box for the “king & queen” to oversee proceedings.

Bob puts the finishing touches to the prop dishwashers.

Reckitt Benckiser - Experiential Games2

Rory models one of the Dettol crowns.

Reckitt Benckiser - Experiential Games2

The Royal Box towers over the turret arena & the branded, Airwick castle.

Reckitt Benckiser - Experiential Games2

As well as providing the various units for the stand we also installed it along with 3 other stands at the Sainsbury’s Jubilee festival.

We have recently completed this stand for batiste dry hair shampoo for experiential marketing agency smp.


The stand incorporated graphic’d walls supported by giant, cnc cut logos, “Stylish” styling stations and a giant version of a can of the product. All non printed finishes were produced with sprayed 2-pack paint.

The graphic’d walls also included promotional model shots printed onto cnc cut acrylic panels & then applied in relief to the walls.


As well as the structural build we also supplied technical build by creating a bespoke photo mosaic mechanic. The resulting image is available on a secure ipad for the consumer to print, email or upload to facebook.

We also created a competition mechanic where consumers have the opportunity to be the next face of batiste and to win a Vespa. Consumers are challenged to pick their photo from a series of 700 thumbnail images displayed on a 42 ” touchscreen.

We have installed the stand in Bluewater shopping centre where consumers sampled the product, had the photograph taken and turned into a mosaic image and had the opportunity to enter the competition. In September the stand will tour a further 4 locations.

We recently created this briefcase to resemble the one used in Pulp Fiction.

Prop - Pulp Fiction Suitcase

With internal, battery operated lighting the briefcase was used as a prop as part of a special screening of the film.

exhibition_stand_ShellShell certainly stood out from the crowd at this years biggest “all action auto-entertainment event on earth” Top Gear Live.  Here at Scene2 we were really excited to have produced this fully experieintal exhibition stand with our friends at JWT for the mighty Shell.

Car mad enthusiasts stopped in their tracks as they approached the Shell stand intrigued by what was going on behind the garage door?

The V-Power engine room’s closed, shiny, red roller shutter garage door expelled smoke, glaring headlights and thrilling sounds of a revving engine adding the Vroom into V-power.

Towers of tyres, printed track floor vinyl, branded oil drums, feather flags, shiny toolboxes, industrial wall lights and painted, formed brick walls flanked the door and enhanced the v-power experience for consumers as they stepped on set.

Experiential Exhibition Stand - Shell

Interactive touchscreens, complete with headphones, were incorporated into the door for young and old to embark upon a tour of an F1 garage.

This really was a Preimum build stand for a Premium fuel.

You can see how we did it – take a look at our installation time-lapse blog entry dated 24.11.11.

Gaffer Tape

David Bailey has named Gaffer Tape as the best piece of design in the world.

How many of us  in the design,  film, TV, theatre or set construction business agree?  Bailey claims it can do everything; over the years it has stuck million-dollar Panavision cameras together and gaffered down an eye-lid for a photo-shoot on his behalf.

We, like David Bailey, too love Gaffer Tape and applaud it’s ability to provide a solution to a multitude of problems.

The Observer Magazine this week is celebrating British Design to coincide with the V&A’s new retrospective – British Design 1948-2012:Innovation in the Modern Age. David Bailey’s, whilst naming Gaffer Tape as up there with Ferrari as design classics,  expresses opinions on design which pose some interesting food for thought.

“Good design should be functional.  It shouldn’t look good, it should work.  Otherwise it’s art. You don’t want it to defeat it’s own purpose.”

At scene2 we believe that  design is a solution to a problem.  This could be function, visual appearance, desirability, experiential effectiveness; the creative brief is limitless.   That is why we love what we do.  Every creative brief that comes to us is different with it’s own set of problems to solve.

For Ron Arad, his favourite piece of design is the anglepoise lamp yet if he had to take one thing to a desert island it would be – a pencil.  What’s your favourite piece of Design?

 If you are jetting off from Manchester Airport this weekend,  take time out in the spirit of the grand prix and race a remote controlled mini around little Italy.

 Weave your way around the bold landmarks of Rome, Verona, Milan and Venice to see if you can put yourself at the top of the leaderboard.

Monarch - Experiential Airport Activity - Touring Stand

Making its first appearance at Birmingham Airport last weekend, the racetrack proved a hit with travellers and was the perfect experiential time filling activity, successfully spreading the brand message that one of the UK’s leading airlines now fly to Italy.

Hardcore racing has meant that the mini’s have returned to home for a respray and spruce up this week.  Rory is making sure that they are raring and ready to go to test the racing skills in motor mad Manchester.

We are so used to designing and producing oversized props, this model race track sits at the other end of the spectrum for us.

We love this project here at scene2 – from the stylised design to cnc extruded models and especially the extensive road testing taken on by our competitive workshop crew!

Laura adds the final floral touches to this giant seed planter which is adorned with the clients corporate colours. Does the red & blue give a clue to who it is for?

BA - Employee Engagement - Counter Unit

This experiential twist on a serving counter was waved off by our team and is currently wending its way to our client in Chiswick for their interactive employee engagement activity.

The giant window box will sew the seeds of experiential motivation when it arrives at the clients head office and seeks to engage employees with their brand.

We have seen a shift in audience with this experiential project from consumer to employee, reminding us that employees can be a brands greatest ambassador. As the saying goes – “there is no better free advertising than word of mouth”. Enjoy!

Chris is currently producing some fabulous giant drinks cans that will be used as storage units on our latest experiential stand build.

WIP - Giant Prop - Can WIP - Giant Prop - Can

Here’s a shot of our giant (1.8m tall) tins that we have just produced.

Due to go into the Trafford Centre tonight they will flank the 2 sides of the stage – event photos to follow.

WIP - Build of Giant Can