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We have a purple spray room (again).

WIP - Spraying Footballs

We’ve just sprayed 60 footballs pantone matched purple for a client (I wonder who that could be? answers on a postcard…….)

The footballs were used as part of a publicity stunt & photoshoot.

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The pop up experiential stand went out on time and was a huge success, despite the terrible weather we had!!

Million Dollar Mania - Experiential Cash Grab

Giant polystyrene letters with 2pack paint and printed finish, which had to take shelter under a mini tent due to the storm!

Despite the weather the giant sign got peoples attention.

The crystal maze style interactive cash grab dome.

Marketing agency ‘Sense London’  just came to us with a super tight deadline (10 days to build before it needs to be on site!) we are in the workshop most evenings getting this touring interative gaming promotion built.

The rig is to include:

6 days down:

The Console

Bespoke carved polystyrene data capture unit finished in fibreglass and 2pack paint.

Inflatable Giant Football

Cold air filled giant football.

Hollywood Style Sign

Giant polystyrene letters with 2pack paint and printed finish.


Acrylic cash grab dome complete with fans and glitter money.


Congratulations to the Cake Group for creating an enormous snow globe complete with Snowy props on the South Bank in London in order to promote SkyHd’s showing of  “The Grinch” .

Beautifully executed, this globe is certainly striking and provides some excellent PR opportunities.

We have quoted for giant snow globes for a number of different clients over the years so are gutted that someone else has got there before us – although, records are meant to be broken!

This week saw us creating an inflatable “pie & chips” for Holland’s Pies.

Hollands Pies - Inflatable

This Shoot-a-goal style game provides an experiential way for consumers to get a “taste” for the game of football whilst enjoying a traditional half time pie & chips

Inflatables are perfect for many types of event being easy to transport, relatively light-weight, quick to install, colourful & eyecatching.