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Laura adds the final floral touches to this giant seed planter which is adorned with the clients corporate colours. Does the red & blue give a clue to who it is for?

BA - Employee Engagement - Counter Unit

This experiential twist on a serving counter was waved off by our team and is currently wending its way to our client in Chiswick for their interactive employee engagement activity.

The giant window box will sew the seeds of experiential motivation when it arrives at the clients head office and seeks to engage employees with their brand.

We have seen a shift in audience with this experiential project from consumer to employee, reminding us that employees can be a brands greatest ambassador. As the saying goes – “there is no better free advertising than word of mouth”. Enjoy!


Brilliant tv ad for the Guardian’s.
We love the creativity

This is just a plain photoshop advert, but would make a pretty incredible, all be it massively expensive, guerilla marketing idea.

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