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We are experts in experiential,
being different is our ethos,
theatrical is our approach.


From classic, elegant seasonal decorations to innovative giant baubles & grotto alternatives with theatrical flair, our seasonal displays engage and delight in an increasingly digital and commercial world.

Experiential – “Nottos” – Grotto Alternatives
Grotto alternatives with theatrical flair & commercialisation appeal

Building Wraps
Building Wraps
Building wraps all boxed up and wrapped in a festive bow

Giant Christmas Baubles
Giant Christmas Baubles
Innovative giant baubles to set your decorations ahead of the rest. Proud to be the sole UK supplier of printed giant baubles

Shopping Mall Decorations
Shopping Mall Decorations
Stunning mall decorations with marketing & magical sparkle

Shopping Mall Atrium Decorations
Shopping Mall Atrium Decorations
Imposing atrium decorations to engage and delight in an increasingly digital and commercial world.

Christmas Window Displays
Christmas Window Displays
Taking festive retail windows out from behind the glass to extend their PR reach.

We understand that seasonal displays must have digital & commercialisation appeal as much as marketing, magical sparkle.


Give us a call to hear about our seasonal displays, grotto alternatives and innovative giant baubles which could set your decorations ahead of the rest.


Giant glass of GREY GOOSE Martini, complete with oversized olive on a stick was the festive focus of Selfridges, London’s prestigious window displays at Christmas. The 3D printer was back in action for our friends at Ragged Edge, producing a flock of chromed geese which flew above & beyond the snowy mountain landscape below.

The Christmas window attracted huge interest as passers-by took turns to be photographed in front of our giant prop Martini glass and swiftly became an Instagram favourite.


All boxed up and wrapped in a beautiful big bow, Norwich high-end jewellers asked us to Christmas wrap their building to echo their Christmas instore packaging.

This seasonal display took festive retail windows out from behind the glass and extended the PR reach on a giant display scale.

Or, for something a bit different, we created these pieces of interactive playground equipment for Evian. As people used the see-saw & the swings they produced snow….. and the more they “played” the heavier the snow became!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can Scene2 help me with my seasonal displays?

We have a strong background in designing and producing festive displays inside and outside shopping centres, department stores and wintery seasonal window displays. We can provide advice, input and quotes for your Christmas and other seasonal displays, and assist you in finding the right combination of innovation and tradition for your setting.

2.Can Scene2 provide input into the next steps to develop my Christmas grotto?

Yes – we are often asked to help people think about their grottos and how they can be redesigned or even rethought. We understand the commercialisation demands on grottos and displays at key retail times. We also understand the digital and social world in which we now live. With this in mind, we help our clients develop alternative ideas to the Christmas grotto experience.

3.I am looking for something new for my Christmas store. Does Scene2 have any ideas to help?

From projects to wrap high street stores in festive bows and Christmas trees to new schemes with strong digital appeal – we can help you think through what is best for you and how we can produce your dream Christmas display.

4.I want to be different this Christmas. Can scene2 help?

Yes we can and we would love to help. Please give us a call to discuss how we can bring theatre to your idea and the magic into your Christmas display.

5.Can scene2 provide expertise in health & safety issues and know how to work with stringent fire regulations which may affect my Christmas scheme?

Yes – our 20 years experience in working within international airports, shopping centres across UK & in tight retail window spaces place us perfectly to design and produce displays that comply with the ‘red tape’ regulations. Our production crew can issue fire certificates as requested and are happy to liaise with your venue over logistics and installation planning.

6.Can Scene2 manage multiple installations in the pre-Christmas retail rush?

Yes- we have many years experience of deploying multiple crews to opposite ends of the country to install projects on the same night. Our skilled project managers run a tight ship and our excellent on-site crew network are used to working on overnight transformations.

7.If I order my Christmas display in April, can Scene2 store it for me until installation in November?

Yes – we have space to store a large number of schemes, sets and giant props in house. We can easily make all the arrangements to produce your display and store it away until it is time for installation at your chosen time. By producing projects early, we can invite you to come in and see a prototype in action before we finish the rest of the scheme and store it away safely over the summer.



If you have any project that you would like to discuss then please get in touch

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