Thomas The Tank Engine’s 70th Birthday – the British Museum

Giant Prop – Thomas the Tank Engine for Grayling PR


Celebrating Thomas & Friends’ 70th birthday in style from the West Foyer of the British Museum, we have been delighted to build a 2.7m-high replica of Thomas the Tank Engine!

Working with our client Grayling, Mattel’s PR agency, we are delighted and honoured to have been asked to build the ‘Birthday Boy’ and bring him to the British Museum for the Thomas & Friends birthday celebrations. Enjoyed by many children, the author Reverend Awdry’s daughter, celebrities and many others, the birthday party took place on Saturday 9 May.

Here are some photos of the build taking place in our workshop:

Giant Prop - Thomas The Tank Engine

The build starts with the basic blocks!
Giant Prop - Thomas The Tank Engine - Building the wheels

Sarah puts together the Wheels

Giant Prop - Thomas The Tank Engine - spray painted bodywork

and here he is starting to get assembled once he’s had his paint finishGiant Prop - Thomas The Tank Engine - final assembly

Ollie & Rachel check out the wheels

We have hugely enjoyed bringing Thomas to life and took great pleasure in the detailed crafting of his tank and dome, coupling, whistles and pistons, in a range of materials and media, and are delighted in the expression in his happy and enchanting face as he revelled in his party.

Thomas the Tank Engine - Event photos


Thomas appeared to have shunted out from the Tidmouth Sheds, which we were also asked to produce, flanked by his friends Percy and James.

Many happy returns, Thomas & Friends!

Giant Sports Bag – Baggage Reclaim Hall, Cardiff Airport

Permanent Installation on behalf of Golley Slater for Cardiff Airport

By assisting Golley Slater at concept stage with experiential solutions for Cardiff Airport, we are proud to have produced & installed experiential zones across this international airport as part of the government’s new initiative to improve the passenger experience.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Display - welcome-wall1

The new art and multimedia installations are part of a project looking at ways of making the airport more popular. Visitors to Wales are now greeted by interactive walkways and experiential public areas which celebrate and promote Wales’ vibrant culture, heritage, landscape, products and businesses.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Display - Coastal Path Projection Wall


A giant “Welcome Wall“ projection as visitors enter the terminal building mean passengers arriving at Cardiff Airport now have a much brighter welcome. Further along travellers are met with a multi-screen “Beach Wall” complete with wind-beaten bench & old fashioned telescope which celebrates some of Wales’ most famous stretches of sands.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Install - Beach Wall

For travellers wanting to give their legs a rest, they can take a ride in the coal-miners lift which is complete with rust effect finish all over.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Display - Mining lift

The Historical zone sees a two-story stairwell dressed as an impressive Castle Turret, complete with battle noises and blue sky above.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Display - Castle Wall

….the experience doesn’t end there as those waiting for luggage in baggage reclaim can “take a selfie”  in front of a giant packed luggage bag crammed full of giant props. From over-sized compass, surf board, golf clubs, bicycle and carry mat displays all the gear needed to make the most of a trip in Wales.

Cardiff Airport - Permanent Display - Giant Sports Bag

The airport’s chief executive, Jon Horne, said “The customer journey has been greatly enhanced, making the arrival experience far more enjoyable. Passengers now experience an exciting welcome to Wales and initial reactions have been hugely positive. People are not expecting it but it makes everyone smile and gets everyone talking.”

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Batiste – UK Shopping Centre tour

Experiential Sampling Stand with SMP – UK Shopping Centre Tour


This experiential salon-style stand helped take ‘Batiste’ to the masses. Consumers took a seat in the boldly branded hair-styling stations and experience the product for themselves. Fully graphic’d walls with cut acrylic relief wall panels ensured a bold eye-catching stand which shouted out the Batiste brand.

Batiste - Experiential touring stand

 To encourage advocacy and make it as easy as possible to get people talking about Batiste, those who had the ‘Try it Dry’ experience had their photo taken, as once consumers took part, they loved it and wanted to tell their friends about it.

Experiential Sampling Stand - Batiste - uk shopping centre tour

Photos were branded, printed, emailed or shared on Facebook and Twitter. We created a competition mechanic where consumers had the opportunity to be the next face of batiste and to win a Vespa.  A ‘mosaic’ image of their face was created, made from tiny images of all the women already using Batiste and the challenge was on to identify faces from the photo-montage.

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Mountain Dew Experiential Exhibition Stand – Eurogamer

Sampling Stand with ID @ Eurogamer Exhibition, Earls Court


Tasked with building an integrally illuminated stand to promote the Mountain Dew brand and provide an eye-catching platform for event staff to distribute samples of the product, our production team rose to the challenge in an innovative way.

Sampling Stand - Mountain Dew
Drawing on our theatre experience once again, matching unusual paint colours to a luminous brand was a seemingly impossible challenge yet our team, working closely with our favourite paint suppliers, concluded with fantastic results.

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Giant Prop Table – IKEA, Southampton

Giant Prop IKEA Table with PrimalPR @ IKEA Southampton – new store opening


To celebrate the opening of the new IKEA store in Southampton, we worked overnight to secretly install a giant version of the iconic LACK table onto a nearby traffic roundabout.
The table quickly become classed as a successful PR stunt which drew huge attention to the new store. In place for a short spell, rumors spread that there was a giant in town ready to shop at everyone’s favourite furniture store.

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HMV Giant Christmas Baubles – Oxford Street stores

Giant Christmas Baubles for HMV Window Display – with DWL – Oxford Street & Bond Street Stores

Working with DWL to fill the flagship store windows at both Oxford Street and Bond Street with branded giant baubles , we believe we are the sole supplier in the country of printed giant baubles.

Giant Christmas Baubles for HMV Window Display

To enhance the bold, rock & roll display & to add our bit of theatre, over-sized towers of letters flashed the words “HO HO HO” at passers-by ensuring these windows were not to be missed.

HMV - Christmas Display - Giant Baubles

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