Kat Von D Giant Lipstick lands at Kings Cross Station

Kat Von D Giant Lipstick lands at Kings Cross Station

London King’s Cross station, in 2016, became home to an experiential stand “only make-up addicts could dream of!”  – Marketing, Space and People, when a giant lipstick landed beside the departures board.

At one of London’s busiest stations, passers-by were stopping to take selfies with the perfect wow-factor, eye-catching, photo-opportunity which disrupted their journey through the station.

Kat Von D - Giant Lipstick

A 5-metre-high, giant replica of a Kat Von D lipstick, was built and installed in record time by the Scene2 team (with the aid of a cherry picker and a lot of muscle!) This, larger than life, experiential stand marked the launch of Kat Von D Beauty in the UK at Debenhams and Scene2 are proud to have worked closely with 1000 Heads to make it happen.

Commuters were given a treat with this stunning and successful experiential activity which had massive engagement on all social media platforms especially Twitter and Instagram.

The giant polystyrene carved lipstick provided the perfect selfie backdrop and talking point for social media users to take a photo and add the hashtag #KVDxDEBENHAMS to be in with a chance of winning a free cosmetics gift bag.

To the delight of the crowds, Kat Von D herself arrived on site and happily to posed for selfie’s with fans in front of the giant lipstick.