Evian “Live Young” Playground – London

Evian “Live Young” Playground – London

Experiential Event – Interactive swing and see-saw – Canary Wharf & Finsbury Avenue Square, London


Londoners bounced back after the Christmas break & swung into the new year, when we installed our giant snow-producing playground installations in two of the capital’s commuter hotspots.

Experiential event - Evian interactive Swing

These adult-sized “Live Young Swings” in Canary Wharf and a giant “Snowing See-Saw” in Finsbury Avenue Square both featured kinetically triggered snow machines which rewarded playful behavior with snow showers – the more participants played, the more snow fell.

Described as ‘the most unusual playground London has ever seen’, we are proud to have produced, installed and created a world first in kinetically-powered snowfalls; an experiential activity full of fun which left Londoners smiling.

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