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We are experts in experiential,
being different is our ethos,
theatrical is our approach.


Fully Brandable
Fully Brandable

From touchscreen interface, photo overlay,  email body, twitter hashtag & facebook content get your fans immersed in your brand


Set the scene anywhere you like – from branded backdrop to dream location

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

Users can share their content via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Content can be instantly uploaded to your own Facebook page or own website via ftp

High Quality Print
High Quality Print

Inc branded folder – 6×4 dye sublimation print delivered in 10 seconds and handed to the consumer within a full colour printed, branded, folder to ensure the experience lasts!


Post event usage statistics – full set of statistics showing photos taken, printed, shared on facebook, twitter and email


The most stylish photobooth around – fully brandable – full wrap or spray painted in branded colourways with vinyl decals

Don’t want a booth?
Don’t want a booth?

Also available as studio setup, Roaming photographers , Instagram printer or bespoke build

SLR Camera
SLR Camera

HD Digital SLR Camera


24” Touch screen ensures ease of use for the user

Supplied with operator
Supplied with operator

Supplied with skilled operator/photographer

Multiply your consumer reach through branded photos and by integrating social media; our photo mechanic and booth have extensive appeal to consumers’ playful side, across all ages.

We help you be different by ....

incorporating green-screen technology, physical branded backdrops, bespoke photo frames, foreground overlays and instant upload facility to Twitter, Facebook, email and Instagram.

We bring our expertise ....

of working with social media and maximising the reach of your event with ROI reporting. We can supply you with a full set of statistics showing number of photos/uploads to each network as well as feeding back email addresses and survey answers. We can produce fully brandable and customisable set-ups: single/2-up/3-up /4-up high quality “takeaway” prints. We work collaboratively with train stations, airports, exhibitions, fashion shows, launch parties, county shows and shopping centres.

We can add theatre with ....

our Instagram mechanic, interactive photo-booths, large scale “studio style” experiential sets and guerrilla style roaming photographers.


Photo Layout Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I brand the photograph printed by your photo booth?

Yes, Scene2 offer a full array of branding possibilities – from transparent overlays & watermarks to branding a green screen background

2.How do users share their photo after it has been taken?

Users can share their photographs on a variety of social networks via a remote, touchscreen kiosk.

3.Can users share their photo on Twitter?

Yes – once the user has had their photo taken they can share their photo via a remote, touchscreen kiosk.

4.Can users share their photo on Facebook?

Yes – once the user has had their photo taken they can share their photo via a remote, touchscreen kiosk.

5.Can users share their photo on email?

Yes – once the user has had their photo taken they can share their photo via a remote, touch screen kiosk.

6.Can users share their photo on Instagram?

Yes – once the user has had their photo taken they can share their photo via a remote, touch screen kiosk.

7.Can users receive a printed photograph to take away with them?

Yes – Scene2 can enable the photo booth to print high quality photos which take approximately 11 seconds to print.

8.Can I control what text users share on their email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post?

Yes – you can define what will appear in the subject & body of an email, various text elements and links that appear with the photo on Twitter & Facebook as well as adding any trackable hashtags that you may want to include.

9.How can I find out how many people have shared their images?

After the event Scene2 can supply you with full statistics of the numbers of photos taken, as well as how many have been printed, shared via email, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

10.Can I brand the user journey?

Yes – the entire touchscreen interface is brandable – from the background to the instructions and countdown timer.

11.Can I brand the exterior of the photo booth?

Yes – Scene2 can respray the booth in any colour you desire, as well as vinyl wrapping it with printed decals.

12.Can you provide a video booth?

Yes – Scene2 can easily turn the photo booth into a full HD video recording booth.

13.What Backgrounds can I choose?

You can choose any background you like (as long as you hold permission to use the image). This can either be reproduced as a real backdrop or superimposed using greenscreen technology. By using greenscreen it is possible to offer your users a selection of backdrops for them to choose from.

14.Can I hire the photo booth without an operator?

No – Scene2 will always hire you the photo booth or mechanic with an operator. In our experience this ensures that everything runs smoothly.

15.I don't want a photo booth - what other types of photo mechanic do you offer?

Scene2 can offer a video booth, studio setup, roaming photographers or instagram printing unit enabling users to take photographs on their own smartphones, share them via Instagram and then receive a printed, branded, photograph to take away.



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