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We are experts in experiential,
being different is our ethos,
theatrical is our approach.


Set elements including photo mechanic, ipad plinths, sampling bins, chilling equipment to AV, sound & lights, props for dressing, flooring, fencing and even ball pond balls; Scene2 Solutions is bursting with items ready to go

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

The best in texture, quality & finish for high impact activations.

Fully Brandable
Fully Brandable

With your own logo & design.

Client Focused
Client Focused

We listen to your particular needs & develop solutions with you.

Need to get hold of an i-pad, 60” TV screen, Tea Urn & 6 plastic lobsters….

no shopping list is too quirky for us….give us a call to see if we can help.


Flooring hire
Modular Flooring Hire
Need to hide away power cables on your experiential exhibition stand?

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Sampling bin hire
Sampling Bin Hire
Need that essential part of your experiential promotions and distributions sampling ‘kit’?

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Stretch Tent Hire
Stretched Tent Hire
Need a new and affordable alternative to a traditional marquee for your live event?

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Large screen and AV Hire
Large Screen & AV Hire
Need AV & large tv’s available to complement your experiential stand?

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Ipad and Secure Housing Hire
Ipad and Secure Housing Hire
Need an Ipad or a secure housing to ensure visitors can only access your specific content?

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Chiller and Fridge Hire
Chiller & Fridge Hire
Need chilled storage space for promotions & distribution stock on your experiential exhibition stand?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.I would like to hire a range of items to assist with my Experiential stand. Can Scene2 help?

Yes – we would be delighted to help. We focus on technical equipment which can otherwise be expensive to buy outright for a short event.

2.What items does Scene2 have for hire?

We have a broad range of items, from large TV screens, printers, ipads and secure ipad holder to sampling bins and usherette trays. The list doesn’t end there by any means. Please give us a call if you have enquiries, as we have a large and fun-filled stock room!

3.What period can I hire for?

Anything from 1 day – we have short activations in mind for our hires, but are always happy to discuss how we can assist you over longer periods.

4.Is it my responsibility to return the hired item(s) to Scene2?

Yes, although we would normally pick up the hired items as part of the takedown of our clients’ stand. We are always happy to discuss how you would like to arrange this, to suit you and your event.

5.I would like to hire sampling bins or usherette trays, but would like them branded for my event. Can Scene2 help?

Yes – we frequently provide branded sampling bins to our clients for their events, and can re-brand them for a series of events if you would like.

6.Will you deliver the hired items, or could I pick them up from you?

Either, as you prefer – just let us know your preference and we can provide you with the solution!



If you have any project that you would like to discuss then please get in touch

Scene2 Ltd, 26 Horsecroft Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5BH
T: 01992 666 341
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