Plant a magic bean and take your experiential marketing activity to the land of the giants. Our super-sized, giant props captivate and draw in consumers’ playful side across all ages, whilst providing the real WOW factor for your PR opportunity.


From brainstorming big ideas to clever stand storage solutions, we can offer creative concepts, at any level, with any brief.

Theatrical Flair
Theatrical Flair

Our background in theatre enables us to ensure your giant prop stands-out & gets noticed.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

We offer technical input on ideas, upfront feedback on production solutions and health & safety expertise on any idea.

Hard Wearing Finish
Hard Wearing Finish

Premium spray paint processes used in car production ensures longevity over the most demanding of tours.

From super-sized, branded prop drinks cans for one-day product launches to gigantic luggage bags crammed full of giant props, a permanent display at UK international airport; whatever your big idea, we can help it grow to become immense.


Give us a call to discuss how…..


Super-sized and super stylish, our giant prop can of Batiste spray stood 8ft high as a focal point on the experiential salon-style sampling stand.

Providing photo opportunity for the perfect “stylish selfie”, the Batiste live event experience was enhanced for visitors who shared their photos taken next to the super-sized prop on social media.

The experiential salon-style stand helped take ‘Batiste’ to the masses. Consumers took a seat in the boldly branded hair-styling stations to ‘Try it Dry’ experience the product for themselves.

The giant prop can of hairspray towered overhead ensuring a bold eye-catching, piece of experiential theatre which shouted out the Batiste brand.


Working secretly overnight to celebrate the opening of the new IKEA store in Southampton, the team installed our giant iconic LACK table onto a nearby traffic roundabout.

The table quickly become classed as a successful PR stunt which drew huge attention to the new store.

In place for a short spell, rumours spread that there was a giant in town ready to shop at everyone’s favourite furniture store

Frequently Asked Questions

1.I am looking to create a giant prop. What is Scene2’s expertise in this area?

From giant (3m) drinks cans, bags, luggage bags, baubles and product bottles. We provide input on the best design and production method, including materials and approach, how best to achieve your objectives for the giant prop, and the best visual impact and theatrical context.

2.I have an existing giant prop. Can Scene2 install or store it for me?

Yes – we can do both. Giant props often have specific requirements and needs to ensure that they are delivered, sited and installed in a secure and appropriate way. We have 20 years of experience of addressing and solving the challenges for our clients.

3.What materials can I use for my giant props?

We love to help our clients think through the best material, texture and approach for their giant prop project. Give us a call and we can talk through how we can assist you!

4.Can Scene2 advise on any health & safety issue relating to my PR idea for my giant prop?

Yes – we have 20 years experience in installing, touring and removing our giant props in the most obscure places across the globe. We can advise from the concept stage on your ideas for venues right through to last minute issues that may arise prior to installation. We love problem solving and are experienced at finding solutions.



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