We have recently completed this stand for batiste dry hair shampoo for experiential marketing agency smp.


The stand incorporated graphic’d walls supported by giant, cnc cut logos, “Stylish” styling stations and a giant version of a can of the product. All non printed finishes were produced with sprayed 2-pack paint.

The graphic’d walls also included promotional model shots printed onto cnc cut acrylic panels & then applied in relief to the walls.


As well as the structural build we also supplied technical build by creating a bespoke photo mosaic mechanic. The resulting image is available on a secure ipad for the consumer to print, email or upload to facebook.

We also created a competition mechanic where consumers have the opportunity to be the next face of batiste and to win a Vespa. Consumers are challenged to pick their photo from a series of 700 thumbnail images displayed on a 42 ” touchscreen.

We have installed the stand in Bluewater shopping centre where consumers sampled the product, had the photograph taken and turned into a mosaic image and had the opportunity to enter the competition. In September the stand will tour a further 4 locations.

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