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window display HMV Christmas

Just installed vacformed, 3d baubles for hmv’s 2 flagship stores in oxford street.

HMV Baubles - Window Display

Complimenting DWL’s graphics & character baubles we have added branded baubles in line with hmv’s above the line advertising, creating: the “hmv logo”, “nipper”, “too good to miss”, “tv”, “guitars”, & “consol controller”. Additionally we have backlit the packshots, added led lighting to highlight the display & added flashing, led lighting into the “too good to miss” lettering.

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Got a short testimonial from ‘Durrant Wapshott’ about our work with the Avatar signage:

They looked fantastic and our client was more than pleased with the overall effect once everything was installed on Saturday evening.”

Chris Wapshott – Director – Durrant Wapshott Ltd

Our friends at DWL asked us to create 3 Dimentional Signage to promote the release of Avatar on Blue-ray

As always, it was very last minute but the extruded letters went up with no problems in the HMV Oxford St and Bond St stores as a window display and over the counter sign.

Avatar - Window Display

We created 3Dimentional Extruded Polystyrene Letters, gave them a fibreglass coating and completed them with an acrylic spray paint finish.

We also supplied twinkling blue LED’s to be used within their printed backdrops.

HMV - Christmas Display - Giant BaublesHere is the finished window display with all our prop elements installed.

Christmas Display - HMV

Working with DWL Scene2 have produced:

Acrylic title treatments for each window made from layered coloured acrylic with printed acrylic facings to each letter.

3 Giant lit signage structures, 2m tall, produced in fibreglass with mini festoon bulbs, programmed to flash in sequence.

30 Giant baubles ranging from 400mm diameter to 850mm diamter produced in printed PETG, Vacuum formed & assembled with spray finished chrome cap.

Baubles - HMV - round in window

We installed these window displays whilst the store was closed, overnight.

The props that we have created for these 2 windows in HMV’s flagship stores perfectly compliment the graphics produced by DWL

Working with DWL we have created 2m high fibreglass signage for HMV’s Oxford Street stores.

A total of 350 bulbs light the signage programmed to flash in sequence for this window display.

These bespoke, giant baubles that we’re creating for HMV’s window display can be seen here in our workshop & almost ready to be installed!

Giant baubles for HMV's Oxford Street store

Giant baubles for HMV’s Oxford Street stores window display

These fabulous giant baubles, which measure from 400mm – 850mm in diameter, are screen printed & then vacuformed