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So what do we mean by being “Scene2 to be different” ?

Our clients come to us to assist them to innovate, reach into the magical unknown, grasp – your wholly-new theatrical experience that really speaks to and engages the consumer.

We do this by collaborating – challenging and supporting our clients, and bringing our 15 years of experience and in particular our theatrical background and deep knowledge of the consumer experiential journey and the impact of material textures and tones, to bring a truly differentiated approach.

 We invite you to work with us and be Scene2 be different!

How we are different

Being different is at the heart of Scene2, our ethos, and way of working. Our approach to being different starts from the earliest input – allowing us to give feedback on your creative brief, and the best and most innovative way to realise it.

As experiential designers, we embrace the quirky and thrive in an exciting and quickly-changing environment, which itself brings the creativity needed to deliver the very best results.

As experiential builders, we are sticklers for the highest quality deliverable, focused on a fine finish and the extra details of approach which make what we provide a “deliverable” and not just a “product” Being Scene2 to be different is about striving to add value by thinking creatively, and sharing in our clients’ creative approach.

We aim to be Scene2 be different by our clients in three key areas:

1. Insight

We bring a particular and unusual insight from our background in theatre and design, and love to use this to assist you to realise an outstanding consumer experiential journey;
We use our wealth of experience from the broad range of projects we have carried out for a vast array of brands, retailers, charities and venues over 15 years; and
We enjoy bringing this insight to bear on our clients’ projects from the earliest stage, shaping concepts, and bringing new ideas, challenges and practical wisdom to perfect your concept.


2. Quality

We are sticklers for the highest quality finish;
Our passion is around the intensity of experience brought by innovative texture, tones and engaging materials we work hard to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology and innovation; and
We strongly believe that the quality of our deliverable is underpinned by the strength of the service you receive….


3. Service

Our approach is to collaborate with our clients throughout the whole project, take responsibility, and to provide a friendly input to you;
Our projects are director-led and our project managers work closely with our clients to adapt quickly to changes and never forget the fun and the consumer experience which motivate us ;
We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, working quickly, conscientiously and collaboratively to get to a great answer with you.

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