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We are experts in experiential,
being different is our ethos,
theatrical is our approach.


Sets, props, vehicles and stocks of samples to make life easier for our clients by keeping the projects we produce, all “under one roof.”




Asset Management
Asset Management

With each item given its own code, condition assessment and carefully managed home our asset management system provides a proactive process that meets all our clients needs.

Oversized & Unusual Shapes
Oversized & Unusual Shapes

From giant drinks cans to oversized shopping bags we can provide a carefully managed home for any set element.


With our in-house production workshop ‘under the same roof’ we are able to offer easy, cost effective solutions to refurbishment of stand elements before re-deployment of campaigns.

Oversized props, pallets of samples, awkward sized sets or flattage for pop-up stands….


We can provide a carefully managed, cost effective, home to suit your needs. Give us a call as no request is too small.

We store....with a difference

From 8ft high prop drinks cans to pallets of biscuits, each item is listed on a project asset list and carefully managed to ensure easy, cost effective storage solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Storing all campaign stand elements “under one scene2 roof” ensures we can offer a cost effective solution to storage & refurbishment. We can easily advise on the condition of stand elements & numbers of samples to avoid additional logistics & inflated production costs before re-deployment for campaigns.



If you have any project that you would like to discuss then please get in touch

Scene2 Ltd, 26 Horsecroft Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5BH
T: 01992 666 341

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